Reverend Barbara Bowers Brewi is a native of Chilton County, Alabama. Her parents are Judge Bob Bowers and the late Frankie Bowers. Barbara earned an undergraduate degree from Indiana University in Music and Drama. She received a Master’s Degree in Christian Education and Administration from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and her Masters of Theology from Ambridge University. She became an ordained Elder in the United Methodist Church in June of 2018.

          Barbara is married to Bill Brewi. He is retired from the Army and from the Veteran’s Administration where he served as a licensed clinical social worker specializing in PTSD. He claims that he now “breaths for a living – and lives to play golf!” She and Bill have two children. Jay, her eldest, is autistic and lives in Auburn where he helps care for pets at a local veterinarian’s office. Margaret lives in Gainesville, Florida where she is a behavioral specialist for special needs children and is completing her Master’s degree in Behavioral Psychology. She is married to Hunter Burch who is an electrical engineer pursuing a Ph.D.

          Barbara enjoys a variety of interests and hobbies, and is currently serving on the planning board for the Chilton County’s Sesquicentennial (150 years) Celebration.